Pink Kisses®

There are only a few success stories like this in the international garden market. 

It is about a little garden carnation and how it finds its way to millions of European consumers  year-by-year.  Instead of launching this new variety for garden purpose, Pink Kisses®  was positioned as a cute little gift, which stands out as a symbol of friendship between girls and young women. Pure emotion guaranteed! 

This unique concept was completely designed to reach out to Generation Y. Richard and his team were rewarded 2018 with the Taspo Award “Best brand concept for next generation” in Germany. 


Serengeti® Grasses

“The hairs of Mother Earth” that is how Karl Förter, a famous garden philosopher reflected about grasses.  Grasses are the beginning of life and the food chain. They are also highly symbolic for one of the greatest landscapes left in Africa: The Serengeti.
With the brand Serengeti® Grasses Richard has redefined sales of common ornamental grasses by positioning a botanically sold product into a stylish decor product, which can be used on balconies and verandas all-season. 

In addition the Serengeti Grasses campaign has generated a substantial donation to support the Frankfurt Zoological Society in Germany. This organization is the leading conservation agency to preserve since decades the natural integrity of this unique wildlife habitat.

Runaway Bride

This variety is a complete game changer in the hydrangea market. This new breeding combines traditional hydrangea characteristics with a modern approach to consumers. Usually hydrangeas bloom only the terminal tips. Runaway Bride shoots flowers on all axillary bud. This is uniquely in the world of hydrangeas. The trailing habit with tons of clean white blossoms inspired its descriptive name: Garland-Hydrangea.

This is a perfect role model how breeding breakthrough combined with brand communication can make the difference in the market. 

And no surprise that Runaway Bride has been awarded 2018 at the Chelsea Flower Show as Plant of the Year 2018!


A real evolution in the house plant market! Under the brand “ULU!” the plant innovator Garry Grüber from Cultivaris GmbH brought the bread fruit tree from Samoa to Europe. RiPlant developed together with him the “Feel Good” concept. The tattoo logo relates to the plants Polynesian origin, where it stands for a long life and peace. Through the sales of ULU! the unique ULU! project  supports agroforestry initiatives in the tropics, since the breadfruit tree is an important food resource in many cultures. But ULU! can do even better: The huge leaves of this stylish house plant absorb harmful contaminants from the ambient air in exchange for oxygen and humidity, thus improving indoor climate significantly to “Feel good”.

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