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We are thriving to make people happy with plants!
Identifying outstanding varieties and finding the ideal way how to reach out with the product to the final consumer will reward everybody along the value chain, including growers and traders.

Did you ever hear from Dianthus Pink Kisses or the Petunia NightSky? Million‘s of plants are sold these days of these varieties. Besides great genetics these brands just meet the expectations of the consumer. This message is taken across via outstanding brand communication.



We understand markets and consumers. Our products do have high relevance for consumers. With all our activities we respect nature and try to have as little impact as possible on natural resources. 

For many young people plants are very attractive, but they do not have learnt how to take care of them or are not clear which plants really fit to their living environment. We thrive to make their decisions easy, while communicating to them in their language they understand. By doing so, success with plants will be almost guaranteed – that´s our strength.

Success with plants makes people happier.


Executing social and environmental responsibility is a key criteria in our daily work. Having some cosmetic activities out there does not meet our standard. So being authentic and measurable in doing so is key for us and makes us clearly distinguishable. 

With the help of our friend Wolde Zebene an experienced wildlife and community development expert we support impoverished communities in the Ethiopian Highlands of Guassa. We assist rural artisans and women to marketize their products to tourists and bring their products to city markets. The people of Guassa themselves conserve since more than 400 years their own natural resources sustainably. This grassland areas are the home of many endangered plant and animal species. Some of them like the Geladas monkeys or the Abysinnian wolf are even at the brink of extinction.

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