Local heroes concepts – an opportunity for florists and gardencenter

Jun 1st 2021

Local heroes concepts – an opportunity for florists and gardencenter

In 2020 and also in 2021 the demand for living green has increased tremendously in all large garden markets of Europe. Less travelling means more garden.

The winner of the corona crisis are DIY and food retail chains, but even more florists and gardencenters, who report an unbroken positive trend for flowers and plants. What has happened? The Corona crisis has left many consumers unsettled about “globalization” and question more than ever the “big players” involved. Benefiting are the smaller outlets and retailers which stand for regional products and personal, authentic sales. Competence and advice have never been more important to sell successfully plants than in these days. These a big opportunities for the experts in garden retail not only to gain but to keep new customers for their shops. Apart from a good hand for category management, good staff is key for success. Nobody should be scared by the power of the big box sellers. The bankruptcies of Schlecker and Praktiker and the crisis of Media Markt and Saturn are all proof, that the lowest price is not the best business strategy on the long run.

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